About Me

Hi all, this is Ashfaq here. Apart from working in cross border trades, I play Bass & Keys for ShuvoJatra and Bass for Shrapnel Method and Most Wanted and occasionally play as guest member for Avoidrafa & Meghdol. This website is dedicated to sharing the songs/music I work on, both as a performer and a producer. I will be sharing originals, covers, instrumentals, ideas, reviews and my experience here. For more regular updates, follow my page on Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Things I Like

I love travelling and going on long drives with my partner in crime who is also my better half, listening to and playing all kinds of music, learning to play new instruments, working with softwares and hardwares, marketing, eating, cooking, watching movies and TV shows.

Music I LIKE

Local: Warfaze, Miles, LRB, Aurthohin, Artcell, Black, Cryptic Fate, Arbovirus, Nemesis, Vibe, DNA, Reborn, Souls, Arnob, Habib Wahid, Fuad Muqtadir, Stoic Bliss.

International:Metallica, Linkin Park, Dream Theater, Guns'n'Roses, Alter Bridge, Porcupine Tree, Winery Dogs, Three Days Grace, Children of Bodom, Slipknot, Stone Sour, System of a down, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Above and Beyond, Avicii, Adele, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth.

Other: The "Bands I Like/Listen to" or “Artists I love” list would be just too long to list anywhere. With all due respect to other amazing bands out there, these are the ones that have made their marks in my heart.

Gear I Use

Guitars and bass: Fender Jim Root Signature Jazzmaster, Fender Aerodyne Bass, Vintage Tony Butler V4 Signature Bass, Schecter Stealth-4 Bass, Schecter Blackjack C-1, Ibanez Xiphos XPT 700, Artist (Custom), Hertz Acoustic Guitar, Tobias 4 String Bass Guitar

Processor:Tech21 NYC Amps, ReVolt, TC Plethora, Wampler & MXR OD Pedals, SansAmp Flyrig RK5, Mooer - R7, Yellow Comp Tuner, Vol/Wah, Noise Gate, Digitech Drop, Hartke Bass Attack, Line 6 POD HD500, Boss ME-70, Boss ME-50B

Keyboards and Midi: Korg Krome 61, Novation Ultranova Synth, Novation Launchkey 61, LaunchPad V2

Audio Interface: Roland Quad-Capture, Behringer Xenyx QX1204usb, Scarlett 2i2